DMV Eyelash Technician

Hair done, makeup done, can’t forget about the lashes!

Hi I’m Jenny, welcome to my eyelash extension page. I am an experienced, certified lash artist with a home based lash studio in Manassas, VA. Committed to a high level of service for everyone’s eyelash extension goals. High quality products and premium hand made fans create the perfect lash set to best suit your facial structure, goals and lifestyle. Lashes have brought me so much joy! Especially on my daily makeup routine, I love giving my clients the same feeling. Let’s get to know each other and experience the beauty behind eyelash extensions.

For any questions or further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Can’t wait to set your future lash appointment! 

Enjoy videos below

A peek into my lash world.
Benefits of using a nano mister:
The ultra-fine mist helps the eyelash extension adhesive cure faster and form a hard shell on the outside, which is fabulous for sensitive clients as it reduces any irritation caused by the adhesive fumes, protecting your eyes from redness, itchiness, or burning sensation.

Prior to Appointment:

  • No Make Up- Fresh face
  • No Contacts/ Glasses- Bring cases
  • Solo appointment please- No extras
  • Be time flexible- No rushing
  • No oil based products